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Adam Adler: It’s Totally IRRESPONSIBLE to Trust Third Party Operators for Securing Data Transfers

Adam Adler “ It’s Totally IRRESPONSIBLE to Trust Third Party Operators for Securing Secret Communications and Classified Data”

Adam Adler ( Cyber Warfare Advisor): What is a Zero TRUST Secured Communication?

Before using the so-called “ secure, end-to-end communications devices or applications” ask yourself “ how much do I need to trust them, for using them?”.

You will find out that you need to trust the company operating the application or the secure hardware device. You need to trust their team of workers that will not try to access the data transferred through their servers. You need to trust that they really have zero knowledge of the encryption keys, and you need to trust that even if they do not know your encryption keys, they do manage them well.

You need to trust them that they will never expose your encryption keys to anyone, at any given time, no matter what. You need to trust them that they will not create a backdoor to their app, or secured device, or to their servers.

So, are you convinced that you need to have too much trust in those third party operators? Or maybe you need us to list some additional reasons why not to trust anyone with your confidential data?


How to create a secure communication system without trusting anyone?

DigitalBank Vault is helping clients to secure their classified data both at rest and in transfers.

We invite you to learn how to transform an Android device into a powerful offline encryption platform, click on the below link and download a presentation.

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