The "Encrygma"
€ 18,000 
SuperEncrypted Phone
The Most Advanced Quantum Encrypted Communication System in the World.

Disruptive Offline Communication Tech
(No Internet or Cellular Connection)

Without any Servers involvement 

Based on the Secret Tech "White Fog"

No data ever registered on the device or elsewhere. 

Immune to:

Cyber Espionage
Remote Hacking
Spyware Infection
Malware Infection
Forensic Data Extraction
Ransomware attacks
Electronic Surveillance  


CEOs travelling to 'totalitarian' countries?

Journalists and Reporters under digital surveillance ?   

Targeted Human Rights Activists ?

Spied Opposition Politicians?   


The Encrygma device does not store any data, after each communication session,  everything is permanently erased, overwritten, and randomly encrypted in 10 consecutive cycles.

In case the device is stolen, seized, lost, confiscated, no data is retrievable, it is like "breaking into an empty bank vault".

 Encrygma is for  Companies and Individuals that needs absolute secrecy over their data exchange . The offline , serverless communications of critical and top classified data are unbreakable, untraceable, leaving no digital trace, anywhere, at any given time. 


We sell exclusively to reputable companies and individuals that will pass our rigorous background check, due diligence and KYC process.


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